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Welcome to NatsuxLucy-Fans

► NatsuxLucy is a group which supports the Nalu couple from the anime Fairy Tail.
If you are a fan, come and join the group!!! ♥

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Ok, so my love for Natsu has driven me to write this PURELY Natsu inspired journal! If you dislike him, well, give it a read you may reconsider some things. If you just HATE him... get the hell off my page e.e (jk, but hate will be removed and u will be blocked)

Now first, for those of us who have been around for awhile, waiting for a new installment every week, I'm sure you're aware that you become more focused on the events of the present, and future. But, my friends, now that we are so far ahead, now is the perfect time to re-read this story. Why? Well to see how our babies have grown! And I have been doing just this, and so let me share with you what I saw, starting with Natsu.

Now, when we start the series, Natsu in general, wears almost the same expression. One of annoyance, and one that looks disinterested with everyone around him. Or something to that general appeal. In the first chapters, he doesn't look like he CARES much about the people around him, and he didn't even give a shit when those crazy girls pummeled him for no reason. Does it sound like Natsu to not put up a fight? No.

I deduce this behavior as him having a hole in his heart. He is fruitlessly searching for Igneel, not to mention, the "death" of Lisanna, one of his closest friends, still lingers in the back of his mind. He cares immensely for his friends, and guildies, but doesn't show much interest unless they are in immediate danger. In fact, like with what I noticed in a certain female knight, he has a select few he keeps close.

Erza seems to only have a close relationship with Natsu and Gray, while most others cower and fear. Natsu is almost the same, really interacting with Gray and Erza despite the fights, they seem closer.

So pretty much, Natsu is like a brooding teen, downing everyone he thinks is weaker, striving to be the strongest, just because, being rude to everyone, etc. But then he meets Lucy, who seems to shock him with her bright energy, happiness, and weirdness. Her smiling and cheeriness probably reminded him of Lisanna who he claimed "smiled all the time", but when Lucy joined, he realized she was so much more than just passing nostalgia.

He is at first rude, but then, out of blue, breaks his habit of working solo (with Happy) and for the first time, forms a team with someone. This is why The Original Team Natsu is IMPORTANT. Lucy broke Natsu out of his funk!

The story progresses, with Natsu starting off as strong, but still pretty weak, and Lucy, who is the same. Beyond physical growth in power, we see something even better. They start to bond more, always go on missions together, unable to go without each other, Natsu not pursuing revenge (which he loves) to save Lucy. They get so close, closer than Natsu was with Lisanna, that they are unable to function without each other. Lucy has become precious to Natsu, and now, because of her, he continues to get stronger, not just to be stronger, but to be strong FOR HER. He wants to protect instead of fight recklessly.

As we move on, we Natsu mature, he's used less and less for comic relief and silly jokes, but as a motivator, as a icon  representing protecting what you love, especially as he fights Sting and Rogue. He wins because he's fighting for Lucy, his precious person, who literally CHANGED him.

Now lets fast forward to the Tartarus arc. I wasn't the only one who saw that it was centered more about Natsu, but, isn't it funny? For a character with "too much screen time", he had next to none until fighting Mard Geer with Sting, Rogue, and Gray.

I'm here to tell you this was done purposeful for developing his persona, Why? Because imagine, your closest friends and family are all in danger of death, and you wanna protect them, and most importantly, your precious person. You save her once, great! But then you lose her. You're stuck in a WALL while this person is now in even more danger, and looses something you KNOW is super important to her, and that's just heart breaking.

Natsu was not only crushed that he couldn't SAVE her, but in the fights after that he's unable to win. He's constantly getting knocked out, or someone comes and finishes it for him, all while LUCY IS STILL IN DANGER. With Natsu, it was more than having Igneel die, it was being humiliated, embarrassed, feeling powerless, and he wasn't even to fulfill Igneel's LAST WISH, and after failing, has his dad, which he searched for a LIFETIME just wanting to be with his dad, BE RIPPED IN HALF. This was Natsu at his weakest. He was never more broken. He couldn't protect ANYONE.

SO he leaves to train, and be stronger, and protect.

THIS is his development. Aside from new moves, power ups, being a demon, his heart grew. It grew BECAUSE OF LUCY. And he now has the biggest heart of anyone in the guild, one capable of loving the whole world, and forgiving his enemies. Once a rude brat, now a mature adult, who isn't acting as carelessly. He hasn't charged recklessly into a fight since the year time skip and his last act of pure dorkiness was sticking his head in the water. His comic relief used to be in almost every chapter, but now not only is it not that extreme, but pretty small too.


EXTRA: Reasons to LOVE Natsu! (Because he is my dork and I love him)

Kind and forgiving heart

amazing smile

strong personality, even refuses to cry in front of others

just strong

that hair is pretty nice imo


I'm I the only one who finds his small nose cute?

also cute that he's the shortest guy in his generation!

secret genius


will do anything for people he cares about

for the fangirls, that bod tho

just a dork

seriously what reason is there NOT to love him?! (don't answer that)


Ok that's it for tonight! I may go over Lucy and Erza and all later, but so far, this is Natsu, our little demon dragon muffin! If you want me to go over something specific, just ask!
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