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Welcome to NatsuxLucy-Fans

► NatsuxLucy is a group which supports the Nalu couple from the anime Fairy Tail.
If you are a fan, come and join the group!!! ♥

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Ok, I've been hearing things about a "list" that someone made, about why GrayLu is compatible, and from what I heard, it's not very... well, it sucks, and it's false. So I decided to make my own NaLu  list~ as to what points to a future relationship, and why they would workl~ with actual things that make sense~ (Lists are fun, damnit)

so here we go~:

1: Natsu brought Lucy to the guild, after saving her twice, and she took him out for lunch.

2: Natsu sneaks into HER house, and ONLY hers. Just to say hi.

3: They were the original team Natsu, and they have "Perfect Compatibility" as stated by guild members and we see it in the manga (so duh)

4: Lucy doesn't like going on jobs without Natsu

5: No one in Fairy Tail is sane. and their personalities are the loudest, and most... flamboyant? Lucy seems more intelligent, but she's still over dramatic, loud, etc.

6: Lucy is one of the only people who really puts up with Natsu's habits and absurdness

7: He was her "Fateful Encounter"

8: When she thought he liked her, she flipped out, and blushed wherever she saw him. (P.S. Mira tried pulling the same thing with Gray, but with no success)

9: Natsu has saved Lucy the most (not because she's weak)

10: Lucy glomped Natsu from behind

11: after which, Lucy thanked Natsu for everything he did for her

12: in her afterlife, it's Natsu and Happy who greet her

13: They have great teamwork

14: Natsu would probably do anything for her, seeing as he pulled up an ENTIRE TREE cuz she had a COLD. and went searching frantically for a book that wasn't in stores, just so she wouldn't be upset, and practically cried when he did.

15: They both strongly believe in taking care of eachother and their friends

16: Natsu helped her up when she lost to Flare at the Daimatou Enbu, when nobody else went out there

17: The source of his great strength when fighting Sting and Rogue was his burning desire to get revenge for Lucy, for hurting her

18: The movie. what else needs to be said?

19: He dropped out of a FIGHTING FREE-FOR-ALL because he HAD to go save Lucy THEN.

20: Lucy whispered Natsu's name in her sleep~

21: Natsu CRIED over her future self's BODY. and I mean all out SOBBING. which he only did, like, once before.

22: (going back in the storyline XD) Lucy blushed just because Natsu said thanks

23: Lucy was about to hug Natsu in Edolas~ we all saw it~ until she saw Edo-Lucy

24: she immediately ran to Natsu when they found him and Wendy with their powers drained

25: Natsu gave Lucy his cloak after they got back from Edolas, cuz it was raining

26: Natsu picks Lucy to go fight Hades with him

27: He hugged Lucy during said fight

28: ahem, I know this isn't a real moment but, they have matching spirit outfits~

29: Virgo has stated many times that it looked like they were dating (kukuku)

30: as did Kain

31: c'mon, Natsu groped her

32: Lucy swooned over Natsu at his idea of eating Atlas' flames

33: and when she found out he skipped the last of the Daimatou Enbu to save her

34: Natsu said he wasn't going to lose sight of Lucy

And anime things~

35: clock arc; when Natsu was swallowed by that magic, Lucy screamed for them to give Natsu back

36: she thought Natsu was going to propose, and she had NO reason to think this

37: they danced together

38: Lucy said she believed in Natsu since she first joined the guild, and that she knew he'd always be watching over her

39: at multiple time throughout Natsu fighting Sting and Rogue, it showed Lucy as he was saying he'd fight for his friends, aka, it was pointing out he meant Lucy.

40: It's already been said they're the PERFECT TEAM. and that was Natsu. Happy. and Lucy. no Erza OR Gray were present.

so there's my list of NaLu~ there are more moments, I'm sure (Like Natsu trying to peak on her), but there are too many and it's late XD

No hate will be accepted, and your posts WILL be removed if you do so. anyway, reasons why they are compatible, AND moments that would mean something. you're welcome.
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