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Welcome to NatsuxLucy-Fans

► NatsuxLucy is a group which supports the Nalu couple from the anime Fairy Tail.
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This topic was requested by :iconwarlordgab: thanks so much for requesting something! :3

Now, gab here had presented me with the situation of haters dismissing NaLu as "fanservice"

Well, lets take of our hater hats for a moment and think. What IS "NaLu fanservice"? Well we already know what NaLu is, lets delve into fanservice

Fanservice is when an artist does something purely to appeal to their targeted audience. Seeing as this is a shounen, and the targeted audience is BOYS, this is more specifically, naked girls (and for the girls, we get a naked Gray (vomits) seriously, for as much fanservice as their is, why is there not more naked Natsu??).

People calling Natsu and Lucy being more intimate than usual, NaLu fanservice, is wrong. For one, if there were a thing like that, ALL NaLu moments would be fanservice, to appeal to fans. But there are TOO MANY NaLu moments for it to be fanservice. For a pairing fanservice moment, it would have to be against the writers intentions, and not to mention it would be a fairly small moment, and it would only happen like, once.

I guarantee you not all NaLu fans just sit around waiting for Natsu to grope Lucy, so that being fanservice, means it would be appealing to a rather SMALL group.

So let me tell you what that is.

It's all development for their specific character relationship. Each semi-canon pairing has unique moments of growth. Erza showing she still cares for Jellal and always worrying about him even while he's so far away shows she cares. Jellal does the same. Gajeel is always around Levy, picking on her, etc. Juvia is always around Gray and Gray gets embarrassed, and so on and so on.

Now what does groping someone or seeing them naked or whatever else have to do with this? Well with Natsu, and how he's viewed, this is actually really important. Since the beginning he's show no interest in girls or their bodies, but then Lucy joins, and suddenly he's always touching her, trying to peek on her naked, and it shows physical attraction, something everyone thinks is lost to Natsu. Natsu doing these things shows he's not oblivious to a woman's body, and that more specifically, he only cares about Lucy's.

When Natsu sees Lucy naked, he gets silent and stares. Seeing Lisanna naked and captured, he's freaked out and surprised, and probably a tad uncomfortable. He casually strolls in naked to the girls bath and doesn't care seeing any of them naked. When he's in the same bath as Lucy, he's blushing. When Lucy is bathing of two separate occasions, he wants to go peek at her.

So with this I tell you no, it is not "fanservice" it's making a point, and it's NaLu development for their specific characters. They won't develop like Gruvia, or GaLe, or Jerza, or ElfEver, or HappyXCarla, NO. They develop like NALU. Because they are NA-LU.

Thanks for reading, everyone! And like always, all hate will be removed and suggest something else for me :)

P.S. follow me as well! I'm only 10 follows away 100 :D
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